Acelero Learning Selected as Head Start Replacement Grantee for Racine, Wisconsin

Acelero Learning will provide high quality services to 528 young children and their families in Racine County, Wisconsin.

Racine, WI

Acelero Learning has been selected by the US Department of Health and Human Services to be the Head Start grantee for Racine, Wisconsin. With this award, Acelero Learning will be funded to serve over 5,000 children and families in Head Start in four different states.  Last year, Acelero Learning was awarded a portion of the Milwaukee County service area, and immediately implemented program options offering more full-day and extended hour options for parents.

 “We are thrilled about expanding our work in Wisconsin to include Racine,” said Henry Wilde, Acelero Learning’s Chief Operating Officer and Head Start Director.  “All services will be provided through our local delegate agency, Acelero Learning Wisconsin, which has already expanded the number of service hours available to children in Milwaukee.  Our plan is to dramatically increase the number of full-day slots, and, starting next summer, operate classrooms on a year round basis.  Our goal is to provide a major increase in classroom hours for participating children to truly help every child enrolled get ready for successful kindergarten entry.”

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