Acelero Employee Guides: ADP E-Time Reference Library

Are you new to Enterprise E-Time, need a refresher course on common tasks, or need some basic troubleshooting? The resources below can help! These videos and guides cover basic tasks for web-clocking employees, non-web-clocking employees, and managers, and should be enough to get you started with the system. If you have further questions, please contact your payroll administrator for help.


Training for Web-Clocking Employees

If you clock in and out, this training is for you! Teaching staff and most hourly employees will want to review this training.


Training for Non-Web-Clocking Employees

This section is for you if you fill out a timecard to track your time. This applies to most non-teacher salaried employees and non-web-clocking hourly staff.


Other Resources

Having trouble working with employee timecards? "Punch Already Exists" or Java giving you trouble? Download the resource guides below for simple answers to common questions.