Cate Smith Todd
VP of Monitoring, Systems & Analysis - Harlem, NY

Cate Smith Todd oversees Acelero Learning and Shine Early Learning's planning, monitoring, data, and evaluation efforts. Since joining Acelero Learning in 2007, Cate and her team have developed and implemented the Manage By Information (MBI) and Manage by Outcomes (MBO) reports, as well as AceleroStat, a quarterly review of key data as part of the self-assessment and planning process, and the Self-Assessment System for Continuous Improvement and Evaluation (SASCIE), a comprehensive tool for program evaluation and improvement. Cate also serves as our liaison with universities and other external research organizations to design, coordinate, and analyze results from research studies of Acelero Learning programs and Shine Early Learning partners. She is a co-author on the 2015 research paper "Enhancing Head Start through State Pre-K Partnerships," presented at the Society for Research in Child Development conference, and on the 2013 research paper "Language and Early Math Gains in 3- and 4-year-old Head Start Children," presented at the Head Start Research Symposium. Prior to joining Acelero Learning, Cate was a third grade teacher in the Bronx, an early childhood education staffer at the Children's Defense Fund, and an Americorps team member for the The College Crusade of Rhode Island. She holds a master's degree in education policy and social analysis from Columbia University and a bachelor's degree from Amherst College.