Andrew Davis
SVP, Community Engagement & Strategic Partnerships - Chicago, IL

For the last 14 years, Andrew has been a strong champion of efforts to close two gaps adversely impacting low income children: the achievement gap and the gap between “best practices and real practices” for programs serving them. As an advocate for children, public speaker and general problem-solver, Andrew shares the best of what he has observed from programs across the country striving for lasting, positive change.

His work in early childhood education started in 2002 while with an educational curriculum company where his commitment to the field earned him invitations to serve on DC Universal School Readiness Stakeholders Committee and the Howard University/Head Start Literacy Advisory Council. As a community partner, he has served on the policy council of a Washington, DC Head Start program and the Head Start Associations of both Washington, DC and Region 3.

As his focus on early literacy crystallized, Andrew went to work as Director of Early Learning at Follett School Solutions where he created Follett Early Learning and sparked research around Intentional Resource Selection – bringing beneficial library practices to the early education world. In 2013, Andrew launched the Follett Growing Readers Webinar Series which broadcasted free webinars from researchers and leaders in early literacy to over 12, 000 early educators on a bi-weekly basis.

Andrew joined Shine Early Learning as SVP, Community Engagement & Strategic Partnerships in 2015. In this role, he leads the expansion and enhancement of partnerships with Head Start programs across the country who also strive for higher quality and greater outcomes. Andrew holds an MBA from the University of Baltimore and Towson University and a bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland - University College.